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Ciera and Cole

Can I just tell you how much fun this couple is?! We really had a blast and laughed the entire time! It's easy to see how much love is shared between this couple and the people that surrounded them on their wedding day. We started the afternoon off with last minute preparations, make-up touch ups, and gift exchanges. It was during these casual conversations that I got to know them even better. From the silly groomsmen, to the bond between the bridesmaids, to the fact that Ciera's mother had been married in the same quaint church. These moments of connection are so important and I am grateful to be able to share them. In all the hustle, they still found time for treasured traditions and a gift exchange. The gift Cole's mom brought to him had everyone tearing up- a strong legacy of family and respect. Simply beautiful. Ciera and Cole wanted to share their first look with family. Everyone waited anxiously outside the small chapel. Cole came out of the worship hall and reached around the door to hold his bride's hand. Then, when they were both ready, she walked toward him down the isle. It was breathtaking- they had their own private ceremony- time to take it all in. After their vows were said, the knot was literally tied, and they were officially married, the reception began! What a celebration it was! We all danced, enjoyed cake and each other's company. Ciera and Cole didn't stop smiling the whole time. It was truly an honor to get to capture their wedding. These are a *few* of my favorites from their day. They tell a beautiful story


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