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Kristin and Jake

Kristin and Jake are a stunning couple, don't you agree? Kristin is a bride who knew what she wanted - down to every detail. Jake clearly adores his bride...check out their first look in the gallery preview below! Kristin's vision came together perfectly with the help of family and friends. The room Kristin and her bridesmaids got ready in was a buzz -full of excitement and bridesmaids and so much love. While I was working on the detail shots of their wedding, a bridesmaid came over to share the sweetest secret- there were hidden Mickey Mouse symbols all over the wedding! They planted them in different places so that the bride could find them all throughout the day. From the groom's socks, to the bottom of the bride's shoes, their mutual love of Disney World was all over their wedding (and what a special way to incorporate a personal touch to their wedding day!).

Their bridal party was large and Kirstin was in charge! It's so wonderful to me that so many people would stand up with them to witness their vows and share in the love they have for one another.

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